Mattei Italy recently published its sixth issue of VANE Magazine, which features an article with Jay Hedges, President of Mattei Compressors, Inc.


In the article, Hedges reviews the challenges ahead for Mattei Compressors, Inc. and the company's plans to expand services to 

“Before this year, we did not have compressors showing such features. For this reason, we have entered into a technical partnership with a filter manufacturer. As a result, we have obtained a class zero product, which became an ISO standard for air quality a few years ago.”

Furthermore, the main factor Mattei USA plans to focus on is convenience, namely through our new BLADE Series: In this sector, once dominated by small piston compressors and later by screw compressors, the Blade series compressors are an extremely competitive solution. As a matter of fact, they combine lower costs and high-quality features, providing reliability, quiet operation, and reduced maintenance even in dusty environments.”

The Innovation of Absolute Zero Oil-Free AIr System

In addition to the BLADE Series, the Mattei Absolute Zero (MAZ) Oil-Free Air System is another innovative system that will continue to bring forth more growth in a wide rand of industries: “Thanks to this innovative Absolute-Zero Oil-Free Air System, we are able to offer our services to the food industry, to some chemical industries as well as to the electronic industry specialized in manufacturing microchips.”

To read the full article and learn more about our growing opportunities in the US market, be sure to download a copy of VANE Magazine Issue 6: Mattei Company Overview.

Download Vane Magazine #7


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