Mattei’s uncommonly efficient rotary vane air compressor technology has established a new benchmark for energy efficient air compressors. Today, Mattei Compressors Inc. introduces their expanded offering of energy stingy air treatment products that further slash air system energy costs.

Consider that energy to power the compressor represents 83% of the cost of ownership over the life of an air compressor. Every year, the annual cost of electricity can be three-times what it cost you to buy the air compressor. Thus, the money you can save with the right air compressor will pay for it in no time.
The same applies to your choice of air treatment products that remove the water and lubricant from the air stream to protect your products and processes from contamination. Much like a Mattei air compressor, the Mattei branded air treatment product offering is designed to provide exceptional reliability. In addition, not only will you get clean, dry air but you can lower energy costs by as much as an additional 5-10% over traditional air treatment designs.
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