RANDALLSTOWN, MD — Mattei, a leading provider of rotary vane air compressors, is excited to offer the latest breakthrough in compression technology: the BLADE.


The new Blade Series of air compressors build on the company’s rotary vane design of energy-efficient operation with a machine that’s ideal for small air users. These new compressors are designed for applications in small auto body shops and mechanical shops alike.

Offering 14.8 through 39 SCFM, Blade compressors deliver vast amounts of uninterrupted air. The rotary vane technology utilizes slow operating speeds that consume up to 20% less energy than rotary screw type compressors.

Standard features of Blade Series compressors include simple and reliable controls, heavy-duty belt driven transmission, reliable rotary vane air-ends, adaptable capacity controls, and premium efficiency electric motors. Mattei has published a handout detailing the key features and benefits of the Blade that is available for free on the Mattei website.

Download the BLADE Series Handout

The reliability and durability of a Mattei compressor is unmatched throughout the industry. The quality of the Blade Series continues the tradition of long-lasting, exceptional performance users have come to expect from Mattei products. 

About Mattei

Mattei has over 50 years of experience providing customers in every industry and market with superior compressed air products. Knowing our customer base has significantly contributed to the unique design, construction and performance of our rotary vane technology

Today, Mattei proudly serves a multitude of industries including agriculture, automotive and body shop, dry cleaning, energy, food and beverage, manufacturing, medical and dental, natural gas, pharmaceutical, plastics, woodworking and others.

We understand industrial challenges and the solutions needed to overcome them. To learn more about Mattei compressors and how they can benefit your specific applications, visit www.matteicomp.com.

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