Jay R. Hedges, General Manager of Mattei Compressor, North America, announced today that Mattei has developed a full line of Rotary Vane Gas Ends and Gas Compressor packages for the North American Market. Part of a global strategy to move aggressively into the natural gas, landfill gas and micro turbine markets, Mattei North America now offers a full line of Gas Ends ranging from 5.5 HP (23 cfm) to 75 HP (313 cfm).

“We see Natural Gas and Landfill Gas compression as growing markets as the U. S. These are market driven steps toward American energy independence through traditional and non-traditional fuels” Hedges said. “The U.S. has an abundance of untapped Natural Gas reserves that are slowly becoming economically competitive as oil prices remain high. Methane gases produced by landfills and sewage treatment facilities are technically and financially viable after decades of experimentation, and new EPA regulations.

The Mattei Rotary Vane Technology is well suited for gas applications due to its energy efficiency running at slow speeds ranging from 1200 rpm to 1800 rpm at 60 Hz, compared to pistons and rotary screw compressors typically running from 3500 to 7500 rpm. Running at slower speeds increases the life of compressors makes the compression process more efficient, reduces wear on moving parts, and reduces service costs. With no bearings to wear or decrease efficiency over time, Mattei Rotary Vane compressors boast a design life of 100,000 hours.

“Our Italian affiliate, Mattei SPA has designed and built complex engineered packages for gas applications such as...

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