Mattei Compressors, Inc. welcomed the first group of distributor sales people from across North America to their Revolutionary Training Center in Randallstown, Maryland for intensive factory training classes on May 19-20, 2010.

Classes were packed with sales people eager to learn how to demonstrate the operational and energy saving advantages only available with Mattei’s exclusive vane technology. Coming from Authorized Mattei Distributorships located across America and Canada, each participant received complete comprehensive air system training from Bill Kennedy, sales and products manager.
Training featured: the science of compression and air treatment; why Mattei’s vane technology delivers superior reliability over any rotary screw type air compressor; how Mattei’s products maximize reductions in energy consumption while slashing maintenance costs; and, how to document these savings advantages to help compressed air users understand and articulate what makes getting a Mattei compressor over a screw type truly a “no-brainer.”
Mattei regularly provides training classes to help authorized Mattei distributors help end users gain energy savings and communicate the unconventional life provided by only by Mattei rotary vane air compressors. Contact us at (410) 521-7020 for more information.


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