Investment in Air Compressor Efficiency

Mattei is bringing newly optimized rotary vane technologies to market in North America with sales and service through a strong distributor network. Investments made by Mattei in new rotary vane designs are paying off for users by providing 10% more efficiency than rotary screw air compressors at all load profiles. Durability is also extremely high because these air compressors run at low speeds between 1200-1800 rpm.

R & D Successes

Mattei’s research and development group in Italy is led by General Manager, Mr. Giulio Contaldi. Mr. Contaldi’s team has focused on optimizing the energy efficiency of rotary vane air compressors and they have developed several breakthroughs. The first approach was to find the optimal running speed (from an energy efficiency standpoint) for each product series. The solution was to design a unique air end and motor set for each air compressor model. In this way each model provides maximum energy efficiency. In Mr. Contaldi’s words,

      “We are in a unique situation in which no one has ever taken the study of the vane technology to our levels and this has left loads of space for improvement (which we will gladly take advantage of). On the other hand, Screw compressor manufacturers have in the past 20 years invested substantial amounts of money in universities and R&D departments all over the world and have developed their compressor to its physical limits. Therefore I believe that screw technology is fast approaching its zenith in performance betterment.”

The R&D team set the standard running speed at 1800 rpm – with the ability to run at speeds as low as 1200 rpm. The slower the unit runs, the less specific energy it consumes. The Maxima Series (a constant speed machine) is a single stage air compressor with a performance curve similar to that of a two-stage air compressor. Mattei is delivering six (6) scfm per horsepower with the single-stage Maxima! Maxima airends at 1200 rpm deliver the best kW/100 scfm performance in the industry. All Mattei air compressors feature direct-driven in-line airends. This eliminates drive train efficiency losses associated with belts or speed increasing gearboxes. The result is superior performance and the highest possible efficiency.

More Air per Revolution

Rotary vane air compressors produce more air per revolution than rotary screws – the Maxima, operating at 1200 rpm achieves optimum efficiency. By comparison most rotary screws are running at 3,500 to 7,000 rpm, increasing wear and reducing air end life. There are many inherent design advantages in the rotary vane:

·         Produce more air per revolution with some models producing 6 scfm per horsepower!

·         Larger compression chamber offers more space, and therefore more volume of air to compress per revolution.

·         Achieves 90% mechanical efficiency due to better internal sealing.

·         Greater durability due to low operating speeds; Mattei airends rotate on two (2) bushings and are designed to be 100,000 hour machines

·         Screw airends run fast, use up to six (6) bearings, and tend to last about 35,000-40,000 hours. By eliminating airend bearings, Mattei has eliminated one of the most common scheduled failures found in rotary screw airends.

Mattei has been operating in the U.S. for twenty-seven (27) years. Headquarters are near Baltimore, Maryland. This facility both assembles the open-frame ERC machines and stocks the Mattei air compressor models up to 132kw including Maxima, Optima, and AC machines. These machines arrive “ready-to-ship” from Italy for fast deliveries.

Our sales strategy is to support existing loyal distributors while expanding distribution geographically. We are strong on both coasts with our largest distributors in L.A. and New Jersey, but have many opportunities for distribution in the Midwest and South. Having recently signed 4 of the top sales rep companies in the U.S., Mattei now has 23 individuals in the field supporting and building our distributor network. The quality of these companies and the distributor prospects we are working with is a clear indication of the remarkable performance of the new Mattei air compressor products just now arriving in the U.S. Educating the marketplace is our greatest challenge. Once distributors and their customers see these compressors and the performance data, the rest is pretty easy. Our objective is to educate as many as possible through various marketing and sales programs.

For more information, please contact Jay Hedges, Mattei Compressors, tel: 410-521-7020, email:,

ERC Series
2 HP through 100 HP:
ERC Series are open-frame fixed speed rotary vane compressors that are amazingly quiet, feature simple controls, and offer economy, extraordinary reliability & performance.

AC Series
5 HP through 60 HP:
AC Series is the next level of sophistication featuring quiet cabinets, electronic controller, soft Wye-Delta motor starter, and optional integrated refrigerated air dryer.

11 kW through 132 kW:
Cabinet enclosed OPTIMA Series features VSD controllers to optimize energy savings for facilities with varying levels of plant air demand. Optional integrated air dryer and condensate management system

40 HP through 150 HP:
Quiet (≤70 dB(A)) cabinet enclosed MAXIMA Series runs at an incredibly slow 1,200 rpm to offer extraordinary performance and energy efficiency (as low as 14.48kW/100 scfm) for systems with high levels of demand. Optional integrated air dryer, condensate management, and heat recovery system.


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