What is Low-Bake Auto Paint?

New low-bake technology reimagines the automotive painting process, cutting energy losses and boosting quality along the way.


Will Electric Racing Overtake its Competitors?

Forget Formula 1 — the new kid on the block is Formula E, a racing series with stunning performance metrics and the wildest designs in the industry. Oh, and it’s saving the environment, too.


Life in the Fast Lane: From the Driver’s Seat to the Spotter’s Stands with Jason Hedlesky

Jason Hedlesky has spent most of his life around high-stakes stock car racing. What he’s learned from his years in what seems like a solo sport is the importance of trusting relationships.


Mattei Teams Up With CKM For the 2017 Super Late Model Series

Chris Koslek Motorsports Brings in the Features 1 & 2 Wins in Super Late Model Series


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