Department of Energy Announces Partnership with Manufacturers to Improve Energy Efficiency

A new DOE initiative promoting sustainability in manufacturing offers an opportunity to improve the sector’s overall energy efficiency through better air compressor maintenance practices.


Will Electric Racing Overtake its Competitors?

Forget Formula 1 — the new kid on the block is Formula E, a racing series with stunning performance metrics and the wildest designs in the industry. Oh, and it’s saving the environment, too.


As American Wind Farms Start to Age, Repowering Them for Lasting Efficiency

As America's largest wind farms age, a new wave of upgrades promises to increase effectiveness and efficiency, propelling the future of wind energy.


Keep Your Compressed AIr Costs Low with These Energy-Saving Tips

An inefficient air compressor can cost a company thousands in annual revenue. Fortunately, you can optimize your system's performance with a few simple tricks.  


Could the U.S. Become a Net Exporter of Natural Gas in 2018? 

After a historically strong 2017, the U.S. is poised to become a consistent net exporter of natural gas for the first time in six decades. 


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