Chris Koslek Motorsports Brings in the Features 1 & 2 Wins in Super Late Model Series

Mattei Compressors partnered with Chris Koslek, driver of Number 23 and his team, Chris Koslek Motorsports, this year for the Super Late Model Series at Berlin Raceway (a NASCAR affiliated track).

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While Mattei has typically worked with NASCAR racers in the past, a chance encounter with Chris Koslek at the Battle of Berlin race caught the interest of Mattei, and the partnership was born. Mattei was the primary sponsor for Christ Koslek Motorsports's No 23. for the season. Chris put No. 23 in the victory lane many times this year, and on July 3rd, he was able to pull it into the victory lane twice in one night!

As an avid supporter of the automotive industry, Mattei has always been delighted to sponsor some of the brightest racers in the industry. 

"We are so pleased to be Chris Koslek's sponsor, and Mattei is thrilled that we've been in the winner's circle twice!"

- Jay Hedges, President of Mattei Compressors

Mattei got to spend some time with Chris before the huge Money In The Bank race that took place on June 19th:

Mattei: What makes this Super Late Model Series special?

Chris Koslek: "This kind of racing is very tough - but it's so fun. This is a series that can go all over the country . These cars can go from Michigan to Florida to Cali, - we can go everywhere without ever having to change the parts."

Mattei:  Have you raced the Berlin Raceway before? It's recognized as "one of the toughest short tracks in the country"!

CK:  "There's an old saying in the racing "If you can win at Berlin, you can go anywhere in this country and be competitive"  It's a hard place to get a handle on, and when you get it, you can keep it. And [laughs] when the NASCAR guys come in, you have a leg up on them.

Mattei:  What are you most excited about in this upcoming race?

CK: "It's a lot of fun when the NASCAR drivers come in! They're great, down to earth, regular guys. It's really fun to go out and be able to race with these guys and not see their TV personalities."

Mattei: Good Luck on all of your upcoming races!

Chris: "Thank you for all of the support you have given us already! This is our hobby, and this is what we do for fun, but we take this just as seriously as anything. This is our second job."

"We go out there and try to represent the companies that are our on our cars, as best we can. we're out there having fun, but what we do for fun is winning."

Photos From Chris's Recent Wins:



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