Mattei Compressors Inc exhibited in the NADA100 Dealer Trade Show January 27- 29, 
2017 in New Orleans.


nada-logo-736x490.jpgNADA, the National Automobile Dealers Association, holds an annual convention that is THE auto industry event of the year. This year's was a special one for both NADA (it was their 100th anniversary) and for Mattei as well. 

“I could not have anticipated the enthusiasm among owners and operators of the largest Dealerships in North America for our new BLADE Series compressor, said Jay Hedges President and General Manager of Mattei Compressors Inc.

“The BLADE is truly special, and because of its quiet operation compared to piston compressors, affordable price and low maintenance cost, has the potential to revolutionize compressed air for Automobile Dealers. Considering the technicians who work in close proximity to air compressors in most Dealerships the BLADE truly improves their quality of work life and hearing safety.

Bill Kennedy, National Sales Manager for Mattei Compressor Inc. said, “Our first NADA show last year was a good introduction, but this year was a whole new level. People came to our booth asking for our brand, rather than asking what is a Rotary Vane BLADE, they came ready to buy”. “We have worked hard to promote the BLADE and Mattei brand through digital marketing for three years, and it appears to be paying dividends as people now know our name”, said Kennedy.

Check out some images from the show below:

IMG_20170128_153907730 (1).jpg



To learn more about the BLADE Series compressor that was such a hit at this year's NADA Dealer Tradeshow, click here or click the button below. 

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Mattei Compressors Inc is based in Baltimore Maryland and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattei SpA of Vimodrone, Italy.



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