During the spring and fall seasons, the compressor experts of Mattei hold an annual Training School event at our North American Training Facility just outside of Baltimore, MD.


This week-long educational conference is free to all Mattei distributors seeking more in-depth information about our rotary vane products. Our 2015 Spring Service & Sales Training School took place from April 21 through April 24, and it was among our more memorable training events.

The 2015 Spring School had more attendees than ever before, which attests to the ever-expanding popularity of our brand. In addition to several beneficial training sessions, Fabio Farneti (of Mattei Italy) gave a special presentation on Mattei compressor controls and networking.

Event attendees learned about our innovative product offerings, which included our BLADE Series compressors as well as our definitive rotary vane compressors. The Training School event was a great success, as all attendees experienced first-hand that partnering with Mattei sets their companies apart from competitors.

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