Transwest is a leader in transportation products and services for commercial and retail markets. Since the 1980s, Transwest has provided the United States and Canada with sales, service, and financing for heavy and medium-duty trucks, trailers, SUVs, RVs, cars, and more.

Transwest logoIn 2014 Transwest consolidated four smaller locations by building one large centralized facility. To function at a greater capacity, Transwest needed a system that could operate at higher pressures. Transwest enlisted Mattei distributor John Baker Sales to recommend a product that could operate as continuously as a piston compressor, while remaining quiet and efficient.

The Solution

John Baker Sales began by performing extensive testing of Transwest’s old facilities to determine exactly how much compressed air and energy the new facility would require. Using advanced equipment, John Baker Sales gauged Transwest’s resource consumption to identify the best possible Mattei product for the new plant’s compressed air needs.

Based on John Baker Sales’ careful recommendation, Transwest decided to purchase:

  • 2 – OPTIMA Series 30 hp
  • 2 – OPTIMA Series 60 hp
  • 2 – Dryers
  • 2 – Storage Tanks

The Mattei OPTIMA compressor series offers the high-efficiency and quiet performance that Transwest sought for its new facility. Compared to other compressor systems, the OPTIMA Series saves 15% more energy with its lower rotational speed and high volumetric efficiency.

Additionally, the OPTIMA Series saves money by operating without thrust or roller bearings, which inevitably wear down and lead to high replacement costs. Because of the continuous production Transwest required at its new facility, the company was pleased to find a solution that could support its needs without resulting in destructive wear and tear on the screw rotors.

Dryers were particularly important to Transwest’s business as well because waterborne paints – used in body shops, collision repair centers and automotive manufacturers – require air in the 2-3% humidity range. Mattei’s energy-saving dryers provided Transwest with affordable, dry air, and its storage tanks enabled stable air pressure and overall reduced energy consumption.

The Result

Mattei’s products allowed Transwest’s new facility to operate with unmatched efficiency and performance, while meeting all of the company’s additional needs. The 1:1 ratio between electric motor speed and air-end speed provided optimum energy efficiency, and the variable speed OPTIMA Series meant lower operating costs, reduced repairs, and greater savings for Transwest.

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