The Old vs. The New in the Automotive Industry 

Rotary vane air compressors are leading a revolution in the small-to-medium sized air compressor market, due to their advantages in both cost effectiveness, and overall efficiency.

One industry that sits solidly in the small-to-medium air compressor range is the automotive service industry. The cosmetic jobs carried out in body shops, and the internal reconstruction work that takes place in repair facilities require an almost constant stream of compressed air to be completed.

Automotive service shops relied almost exclusively on piston-powered air compressors to deliver the air they needed for their painting, grinding, tooling, and machining needs in the past. But, piston-powered compressor performance left something to be desired, and rotary vane technology has stepped in to disrupt the piston-powered domination within the automotive service industry.

The advantages that piston-powered compressors once offered the automotive service industry in terms of upfront “affordability” began to come undone as quality issues became more and more apparent. Rotary vane compressors on the other hand, have proven to be a more dependable, and ultimately cheaper answer to the Auto Service Industry’s needs for uninterrupted, energy efficient compression air.

In Mattei’s latest resource, Rotary Vane Air Compressors: The Future Is Now,  we dive deeper into the major advantages that  rotary vane air compressor technology provide in terms of:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Duty Cycle
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Air Quality
  • Life Expectancy 

Automotive service industry expert and President of Automotive & Industrial Sales Associates Inc., Ennis Mobley, also weighs in on the importance of compressed air within the industry, as well as the positive  impact that rotary vane compressors have had on the industry.

To learn more about the monetary and performance advantages that rotary vane air compressors provide over piston-powered air compressors within the auto industry and beyond, download our resource below.

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