“When you’re part of a team, you stand up for your teammates. Your loyalty is to them…because they’d do the same for you.”

- Yogi Berra

Loyalty is often an underappreciated characteristic in today’s chaotic business world. So many people are caught up in the bottom line that they seem to forget the teammates that got them to the top.

That is not, and will never be the case at Mattei Compressors.

Starting with our founding in 1919, to the development of our revolutionary Rotary Vane Compressor in 1958, through to 2014, Mattei has always taken great pride in staying 100% loyal to everyone involved in bringing our innovative line of compressor systems to the public.

We firmly believe that none of our success could have been possible without everyone in our distribution channel; this is especially true for our regional distributors. We have 120 authorized distributors and service centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, and 30 tier-1 distributors, each of which is critical to keeping our demanding customers happy and satisfied.

So, why exactly are we so loyal to our 100% distribution model? In this blog, we will answer this important question by giving you the top five reasons why we are devoted to our distributors and our distribution model.

1. Communication:

No team can succeed without communication. At Mattei, we go to great lengths to strengthen our relationship with both our distributors and customers by encouraging open and constructive lines of communication. Whether it is by tools like email, social media, or tried and true person-to-person contact, our distributors are in constant communication with local customers. Little problems or concerns never get a chance to grow into major issues, if the lines of communication are strong and constant. That is why this access to individual concerns and needs is invaluable to everyone at Mattei. We realize that the more effectively we communicate, the more we improve our overall customer service via our distributor network.  They are literally our eyes and ears on the ground day-to-day with our customers.

2. Lower Costs:

When you have and trust a robust distribution channel for your product, it always benefits the customer. Mattei’s aforementioned loyalty to our regional distributors is the perfect example. We are able to both reduce customer costs and increase delivery efficiency. A reduction in lead times and shipping costs save money and strengthens the bond between everyone involved. It just makes sense, if you can increase access to products while lowering costs, you will always come out on top.

3. Collaboration:

Mattei loves working with distributors because it affords us the ability to collaborate with people we trust and value. The act of sharing ideas and visions, allows partners to stay in touch with all the intricacies and innovations of the ever-changing modern business world. According to the University of Michigan, collaboration also generates wiser and more durable decision all while building social capital with your partners.

Any successful business will tell you that if you remain isolated in thought and in action, growth is impossible, and failure is a real threat.

4. Training Opportunities:

Our sales and service schools are an example of this collaboration between Mattei and our distributors. Mattei offers semi-yearly training classes to guarantee our distributors, and in turn our customers, know all the latest information on our entire product line. Our distributors end up learning vast amounts about every aspect of Mattei’s products. This way, customers are buying equipment from experts with first-hand knowledge. There is little question that this sharing of information strengthens the bond between our distributors and us.

5. Timely Service:

You simply cannot beat having someone locally you can trust, someone who will be there for you when you need them most. This one-on-one relationship is the ultimate sign of respect. Our customers are not just dealing with a faceless corporation far away, they have a local representative with whom they can share their thoughts, complaints, and even desires for future product changes. We have found that the best way to build customer loyalty is to value the time of your clients. If you do not make time for their needs, they will find another company that will. It is that simple.

In the end, loyalty is the key to the success of almost every business endeavor we will undertake. Everyone at Mattei firmly believes it is at the heart of our success. If our loyalty to our distributors and our customers is something you want to be a part of, please visit our website, or contact us to start the relationship today. 

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