Mattei Case Study – Transwest

Transwest is a leader in transportation products and services for commercial and retail markets. Since the 1980s, Transwest has provided the United States and Canada with sales, service, and financing for heavy and medium-duty trucks, trailers, SUVs, RVs, cars, and more.


Visit Mattei at the 2015 SEMA Trade Show

The 2015 SEMA Trade Show is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Tuesday, November 3rd through Friday, November 7th. SEMA is the world’s premier event for automotive specialty products, so needless to say, Mattei is excited to go and showcase our latest innovations.


Join Mattei at This Year's AICD Exhibition!

On May 17, Mattei will once again attend and exhibit at the 30th Annual Association of Independent Compressor Distributors Membership Meeting and Exhibition (AICD).


5 Benefits of Waterborne vs. Solvent-based Automotive Paint

With new rules regulating the use of
volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in spray paint now in effect, auto-body shop operators are under pressure to quickly convert from traditional solvent-based paints to newer water-based ones. While this is a bit of a hardship on many paint shop operations, there are a number of advantages the new coatings offering that should help small businesses justify the cost of making the transition.


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