How does a company keep its edge? It goes above and beyond to give its team the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in three important areas—general sales skills, the industry as a whole, and most specifically, the products. Mattei believes that by offering well-rounded training, new staff will be up and running in no time and veteran staff members can improve their sales skills.

Integral to this belief is the principle that by providing critical hands-on product training we will give our staff more confidence and understanding of our products in order to enhance their overall selling abilities. Having a good grasp on our products, our competition, and the most effective sales techniques builds confidence to make each of our sales people into a top performer.

Focusing on this guiding sales and training principle, we are happy to announce the completion of the spring session of our Revolutionary Sales & Service Training Schools for our North American dealers at our Randallstown, Maryland facility. 

Participants included folks from across the United States and Canada.  They joined us for the two and a half day training and education session. Each day, both sales principles and service training were featured in a balanced program during this gathering.  From interactive classroom training to “dig right in” hands-on instruction, attendees learned about what makes a Mattei compressor “Simply Different” from ordinary rotary screw compressors. Some of the significant information on the agenda was basic air compression theory, competitive analysis, and rotary vane compressor service and repair. 

Another perk of attending was a first-hand look at the new BLADE Series compressors that will undoubtedly revolutionize compressor sales in the 5 HP to 10 HP range. Graduates are now well-versed in explaining why Mattei uses the slogan, “Get your last air compressor first.”

Mattei Air Compressors are among the most energy-efficient air and gas compressors in the world.  Our compressors excel in industrial and collision repair applications, among others, where energy costs, reliability, and clean dry air are critical.

To learn more about the BLADE Series Compressors—or any of our quality compressors—contact us today!



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