For small air users, the compressor industry is often hard to navigate.

Many products are just too big for their needs, and there aren’t models that will do the job efficiently and effectively. With such high industrial demand for compressors of all sizes, we are proud to introduce the BLADE Series.

Benefits of Mattei's BLADE Series


As innovators in the industry, we realized a need in the market and engineered a series of rotary vane compressors that are ideal for a wide range of industries and applications.

The BLADE Series is available in 14.8 through 39 SCFM and all models produce air using up to 20% less energy than rotary screw compressors. These compressors are extremely cost efficient to run.

The energy efficiency is what makes this series so distinctive. We have combined a simple design and reliable components with slow operating speeds of vane technology to produce more than enough air with less energy. Slow rotational speeds of 1,050 to 2,332 rpm can’t be achieved by any rotary screw technology.

In addition to low operating costs, the BLADE Series features simple, reliable controls and quiet operation. The vane technology produces sound levels as low as 61 dB. The heavy-duty belt driven transmission uses dual “V” belts that are engineered to last three years, and a belt tightening system ensures good alignment and long belt life.

To best accommodate your systems, we provide you with two control schemes: Automatic or Continuous. These modes enable better adaptation to the demands and dynamics of each individual system. Compressors also prevent condensation from forming in the system by quickly reaching the correct operating temperature.


Learn More about the BLADE

BLADE_Series_HandoutBlade compressors don’t require much maintenance, and preventative maintenance operations are simple and quick to perform. Blade units can be base mounted or mounted onto an 80 gallon air receiver. By purchasing this high-quality, durable product, it will likely be the last compressor you will ever need to buy.

To learn more about Mattei’s BLADE Series air compressors, check out our handout detailing the BLADE Series' key features and benefits.

Download the BLADE Series Handout

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