Mattei’s new state-of-the-art Direct-Drive BLADE series hasn’t been on the market for long, but it’s already receiving high praise from industry leaders.

Our most innovative series yet combines the best features of Mattei’s legendary direct-drive “bearingless” air compressors with the best of the BLADE belt-drive compressors. The result is the most advanced industrial-grade air compressor on the market, backed by a heavy-duty direct-drive transmission, simple, reliable controls, and an elegant design optimized for lower sound emissions.MT - Blade Series pic

To confirm the superior performance, reliability, and efficiency of the Direct-Drive BLADE series, we asked an industry expert to put our latest machine to the test.

Enduring the “Acid Test”

Paul Steigenga of Sawyer Compressor, a long-time Mattei distributor, has called Mattei’s AC Series his “bread and butter,” so he was skeptical that he would love the Direct-Drive BLADE as much.

To see if the new machine could possibly compare to the beloved AC Series, Steigenga put it through the works. "I gave this compressor what we call the ‘acid test’ in the shop. I did everything you could possibly do to a compressor over the course of a week.”

Steigenga’s acid test was no joke — his team hard-stopped the machine multiple times throughout the week, dammed up its cooler intake in order to force overheating, and more. They were insistent on pushing the compressor to its limits.

The results? “It was astounding,” he says. “We had no issues. We were able to cover the cooler three-quarters of the way with no overheating issues. Even better, there were no oil leaks anywhere."

Making Something Good Even Better

After the grueling acid test, Steigenga’s team took a deep dive into the Direct-Drive’s inner workings to get a feel for its maintenance requirements — and came away thoroughly impressed.

Above all, Steigenga champions the Direct-Drive’s user-friendly design. “Everything's easy to work on —  the air filter, the oil filter, and the air-oil separator. Its controls are clean and easy for the operator, just like the AC Series machines that we love."

The Direct-Drive BLADE also sees less downtime and lower maintenance costs due to the addition of spin-on oil filters, one of Steigenga’s favorite features of the machine. “Old technology required us to spend more time doing that.”

Plus, he says, “the air filter housing is built with a closed design so you don't have any leaks." Time-saving: check. Leak-preventing: check.

Steigenga — who had insisted that no compressor could match the efficiency and reliability of the AC Series — ended the week on a different note. “The Direct-Drive BLADE really provides reliable, efficient airflow," he admits. “After a grueling week of testing, it seems the Direct-Drive BLADE has come out on top.”

Unparalleled Energy- and Cost-Efficiency

Not only is the new Direct-Drive BLADE Series more user-friendly than any other industrial compressor on the market — it’s designed with Mattei’s trademark performance, energy, and cost-efficiency standards top-of-mind.

The series incorporates Mattei’s best-in-class Maestro XB—our user-friendly, programmable controller, which optimizes performance and cost-efficiency to match each customer’s unique air demands. What reinforces the compressor’s efficiency are its premium TEFC motors, air-cooled aftercoolers, and the optional heater kit for low ambient temperature protection, keeping operation and electricity costs to a minimum.

As the cherry on top, the Direct-Drive BLADE is our quietest and most beautiful machine yet. With operating decibel levels as low as 67 dB(A) and cabinet enclosures that are, according to Streigenga, “very visually appealing,” it’s clear that it wouldn’t be a Mattei without best-in-class Italian design.

“Direct-Drive BLADE Series leverages Mattei’s proprietary “bearingless” rotary vane technology in delivering unrivaled airend longevity amongst positive displacement rotary air compressors,” notes Bill Kennedy, Sales & Products Manager for Mattei Americas.

“Unlike other rotary compressors, Mattei’s exclusive technology which, is already one of the most energy efficient compressors in the world, actually benefits users with lower energy costs year over year.  Sustainability is the least we can offer our planet, but a compressor that consumes less energy as time goes by raises the bar in offering Improvable Performance - a claim no other compressor can make.”

With the Direct-Drive BLADE, Mattei continues to deliver on its promise to provide the durable, reliable, cost-effective performance that only rotary vane compressor technology can deliver. That’s why the Direct-Drive BLADE is ideal for applications across industries. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a machine for your business, request a quote today.

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